Probate needs to be handled efficiently to preserve the value of an estate. At Telpner Peterson Law Firm, LLP, we have helped clients navigate the probate process since 1952.

Under Iowa law, an estate must remain open for four months, during which time creditors may file claims against the estate. Additionally, Iowa law does not impose an inheritance tax on assets that are passed to lineal descendants and ascendants.

Probate requires the prompt completion of many tasks. Our probate attorneys handle all of these tasks, including:

  • Publication in a newspaper
  • Written notice to creditors
  • Inventories filed with the court
  • Assuring titles of real estate pass properly

We also assist clients with other issues such as:

  • Income tax issues
  • Federal estate tax issues
  • Trust matters

Any legal issue that has to do with you and your family can be difficult for all parties involved. The lawyers at  Telpner Peterson Law Firm, LLP of Council Bluffs, Iowa, offer you the care and compassion you need while you fight for what you want.

Intestate Proceedings

If a person passes away without a will, John Flaten, an attorney in our office, can handle proceedings for intestate succession, including the determination of how assets are to be divided.

Business Succession

If a person dies with an interest in a business, transfer of the business may need to be handled through probate. Our attorneys work closely with clients to ensure that the business may continue to operate during the probate administration.

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If you are named as an executor of an estate, contact our probate lawyers for assistance. We will work closely with you and assist you with the probate process. Contact our office in Council Bluffs at 712-325-9000.