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Ofreciendo servicios legales para los casos de litigios comerciales complejos

Casos de litigios comerciales complejos son a menudo más complicado que el casode litigio comercial típico. Nuestro equipo de abogados de litigio en Telpner firma de abogados de Peterson LLP en Council Bluffs, Iowa maneja todos los tipos de casos de litigios comerciales complejos. Dos áreas de litigios comerciales complejos en que nuestros abogados centran incluyen impugnación de testamentos y conflictos agrícolos. Nos tomamos nuestro tiempo para asegurar la que zona que no pasa desapercibido a la hora de luchar por sus derechos en la corte.

Conflictos agrícolos

Entendemos lo importante que su tierra y su negocio son para usted. Nuestro abogado litigante escucha sus inquietudes y todo lo posible para asegurarse de que lasdisputas agrícolas son manejadas correctamente y bastante hace.

Se impugna

Si no está de acuerdo con sus seres queridos uno a después de que pasen, usted puede desafiar la voluntad. Puede ser difícil impugnar un Testamento, pero nuestrosabogados cada avenida para determinar si usted tiene un caso de investigación. Discutir su caso con uno de nuestros abogados para determinar que si tiene un caso de concurso de su ser querido una le.

Tomar acción Legal hoy

Los abogados de litigios de firma Telpner Peterson, LLP están dispuestos a ayudarlecon el caso de litigios comerciales complejos o recurso.


No dude en contactar con nuestra área de Council Bluffs firma hoy en 712-325-9000, para discutir su caso con uno de nuestros abogados de litigio.
nuestros Testimonios
-Rosie and Henry

Jack and Peggy helped us with a large complex estate. Any questions we had in person or by phone were answered quickly. We were always kept in the loop. We were treated as individuals and not just a number. At the close of our business, we couldn't have been happier.


Thank you for helping our family sufficiently comply with the law offering us a less expensive than traditional choice we were unaware of before your suggestion. Congratulations on your team that operates efficiently with prompt response to inquiries plus accurate document preparation and edits. Telpner Peterson sufficiently and efficiently satisfied our legal needs and did so at a reasonable fee.


Our family has been utilizing Telpner Peterson Smith Ruesch Thomas and Simpson law services for the last 30 years. We have utilized and seen the company strengthen and grow in both Business Law and Family Law services tremendously over the years. The firm understands their role in guiding and protecting your plans. Trust they will not mislead you. They truly represent midwest mentality-- hard-working, smart, and honest.

- Mark and Becky

When our family needed legal advice, we were very pleased with the service provided by Nicole and would recommend her company without reservation. They took the time to explain the process to us and kept us informed until our case was closed. We would recommend them-and have recommended them-to our family and friends.

- Jody

My husband and I became clients of Nicole Hughes almost a year ago. We had been looking for a lawyer and the few that we had a consultation with were very unhelpful. They were uncaring and basically wanted us to do all of the work. If we completed everything they asked for, then WE would have to pay them. When we initially met with Nicole we were nervous. We were sure it would be much of the same thing we had already encountered. Boy, were we wrong. Nicole was very personable. She cared about what we were going through and let us know she was there for us. She and her assistant took care of everything. She called or emailed us when she had questions, and she made herself available to us whenever we had questions or concerns. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs a caring, highly knowledgeable lawyer who works for their clients. You will not be disappointed.

- Gary

Over the past seven years I’ve dealt extensively with both Chuck Smith and Nicole Hughes at Telpner Peterson Law Firm, LLP. My needs were extremely complex involving litigation and filings at both the state and federal level. They have been timely, conscientious, thorough and fierce defenders of my rights. I believe they have helped me prevail on issues where other law firms would have failed. On top of that, they are a pleasure to work with.

- Martha

I am so thankful I was referred to the firm of Telpner Peterson Law Firm, LLP, when a life changing event, the unexpected, sudden and untimely death of my husband, occurred. Their expert yet personalized legal advice made it possible to travel through a very dark, stressful time. The efficient handling of my many complex legal and financial issues eased my stress greatly and helped the future seem possible. I am still recognized as a friend and client when I call with information requests even though my issues occurred in 2006. I am eternally grateful for their help which paved the way for my bright present and future. Thank you

- Susan

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- Sam

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- Brett

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- Larry

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- Al of Peoples Bank

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